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2011-09-29 01:09 am
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2011-03-19 01:08 am
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All right mun, we get it. You have been looking for Sky High peeps for a long time now. Especially, this guy here. So, you made me! Great, now to see if you have my voice down and all that? Plus, why is it so hard to meet people around here? I get it that you want to meet them, me...not so much. Yet, I'll indulge you a bit!

So, looking for others from the film I'm from has been pointless, and annoying, and sad. Still, uh, keep your chin up, hippie. I'm sure someone will come out of the woodwork, and if not, I'll keep you company. Or you know, ignore you in favor of a good book, but that is a whole other issue.

Now, leave me the hell alone, and let me get back to reading War and Peace, oh and no wise cracks, or I am so going to set your ass on fire. Then I might toast s'mores off your damn corpse.


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